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TDAmeritrade tampered with their software and evidences to hide the problems.

On my account, there were 12 consecutive days of margin requirement of over 1 BILLION dollars.  Yes, you read it correctly, Billion with a Capital B.  And My account has less then 4 millions at that time.  We all know that if your margin requirement is over the net liquid and day trades then you will get a margin call so why didn’t I send in my Billion dollars? Before and after these 12 consecutive days there are 8 more days my account margin requirement fluctuate between 900 millions and 1 Billions plus. Tell me why I was able to trade during those 1 Billion dollars Margin Requirement and not when my margin requirement is only 330,00?

The system rejected my close to open trades, it claimed my trades were to open instead of close. I have evidences.

The system rejected my open trades to hedge my portfolio, it claimed I don’t have enough Buying power. In the audio conversation I told the traders that the trading platform indicated the account is OK to trade and I have over 1.5 millions Buying Power.

The People at TDAmeritrade rejected my Buy to Open 40, 000 shares the stocks around 68 but they Buy to Purchase over 37,000 shares at 77 and later Sell to Close it at 69.

I have a lot of evidences and working with several people about :

1. Writing a book about TDAmeritrade, Mediation and FINRA.

2 Get people together for a true class action lawsuit against TDAmeritrade.